Testimonials 2020:

S.M. (Herefordshire)

September 2020

 Ged trained me for a number of years, when I started I was reasonably fit but I wanted more strength and particularly core strength, sessions were tough but never harmed me and as I gained strength Ged was able to push me further. I enjoyed the training, it was never boring and was always varied.

I would recommend Ged, he is a safe and caring trainer for all age groups.


A.P.J. (Private Banker. Herefordshire)

September 2020

I took on Ged's services at the beginning of July, and was after a personal trainer to help me shed some weight and help me with my core strengthening. Since taking on his services, i've enjoyed every aspect of his old fashioned style of training and no-nonsense approach. He always turns up on time, and the most important thing of the whole experience is that Ged has a knack of making the hardest training enjoyable, and I look forward to each session as no two sessions are the same. Since the start of Ged's training, I have lost 16 pounds in weight, and my body shape is transforming week by week. I have also gained a level of fitness I never thought possible and has increased my self-confidence tenfold. If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who will push you to your limits and gain instant results, then look no further than Ged. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Tom Eason (42 Commando. Royal Marines.)

August 2020

Ged truly laid the foundations of my aspirations and dreams and give me all of the knowledge and know-how to get fit and ready for commando training. From his tried and trusted methods to his no nonsense approach made him the perfect personal trainer and teacher for anyone. He always ensured to put me in the right frame of mind before taking me on any physical task he decided to throw at me during my time with him, and in my case this prepped me perfectly for military training. He formed many “mental” calluses that paid dividends.

Early in the morning no matter the weather Ged would show up giving me the correct mental attitude and inspiration needed to pull me through each session making me feel much stronger and capable at the end of each one. Building my own confidence in myself and my own ability. He prepped me perfectly to pass the Royal Marines PRMC and go on to succeed in Royal Marines basic training.

If it wasn’t for Ged I wouldn’t have known where to start, and potentially wouldn’t of achieved my life long dream of becoming a Royal Marines Commando. He is a fantastic trainer that turned into a life long friend, he formed a long-lasting bond that I will cherish for a lifetime, a true asset to anyone wanting to smash their goals whether they be big, or small.

It is also worth mentioning that Ged offers his help whether it be a phone call, to another fitness session, to a chat over a coffee, he will always make himself available to help myself and this persists up to today and stands for all of his clients.

Royston Eason 

August 2020

I’d like to thank you for your continuous support, your fabulous training program and especially the way you mentally shaped my son for the challenge which was ahead of him, I will always be forever grateful to you for putting him on the right track so he could achieve his dream. Thanks again Ged.